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Maker Monday Returns With...Slot Cars?

Maker Monday is a show aimed at makers on our YouTube channel. In season one, we did things like build a smart mailbox, integrate a Sonoff S20 with Home Assistant, and build a particulate matter sensor to measure the air quality on New Year's Eve. And now we're back with season two, and we have more projects to show you! In the first episode, we show you how we created a connected start/finish line (that also counts laps) for the slot car track we recently built through our offices.

All You Need to Know About PRTG Release 19.3.51 and 19.4.52

The PRTG release version 19.4.52 has been available for installation in the stable channel for a few days now. Maybe you already have the version in use, or you are planning the update. As regular readers already know, in these posts I give you a short overview about the most exciting new features and improvements of the current version.

What I Learned About Agile By Building A Giant Carrera Racing Track

Here I stand, with duct tape in my hand, trying to fix an insane series of 39 loops of a giant Carrera slot car racing track. I screwed up, nothing works and time’s running out. I used to think that I’m better than a third-class hotfixer. But wait – I probably should start my story at the beginning:

The Slope of Enlightenment: Monitoring the Cloud After the Hype

To get a perspective on any current hype—which right now includes Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things—it helps to take a look at the hyped topics of the past and ask ourselves: what was promised? What actually came out of it? And was it actually useful? Cloud computing is a good place to start, since it has been through the hype cycle and is now approaching the slope of enlightenment (or at least it is according to Gartner). Let's take a look at the current reality of the cloud, how it's changed the game, where it's going, and how we should be thinking about monitoring it.

Is the Data of Your Patients Secure? Here's How to Check With PRTG

We live in an age where data leaks are a constant concern. Facebook, dating sites, even video gaming platforms: there have been countless leaks where personal data was made accessible through a security gap. But can you imagine data more personal than your medical data? Probably not. But that's exactly the data that was exposed recently when millions of compromised healthcare servers were discovered.

Meet Helmut Binder, the New CEO of Paessler AG

Only those who are ready to sever ties and leave, may break free from crippling habituation; or so the translated verses of a well-known German poem go. And in the imagery of a journey and departure into new, exciting tasks, I see many parallels to my life over the past weeks. I am Helmut Binder, 53, and the new CEO of Paessler AG.

Monitoring a Carrera Slot Car Track with PRTG

Carrera slot cars are something that many children in Europe grow up with. And obviously it's about accumulating as many track pieces as possible to make race day exciting. But about 1,800 feet of race track is probably difficult for most children to pile up.

Scaling PRTG Horizontally For Large Environments

If you use PRTG, you already know that it can monitor almost everything: from switches, routers, and firewalls through to printers and workstations, there are tons of options. As a very general rule of thumb, each device in your network will need an average of ten sensors to monitor it. This depends on what is being monitored and what information you need, but it's a reliable metric to roughly calculate the number of sensors to implement in PRTG. And the number of sensors has a direct impact on how you will deploy PRTG.

5 Things I Learned While Interning as a Sysadmin

Paessler is very open-minded when it comes to ideas that help “broaden your horizon”. One of the great opportunities we have here is to do internships in other departments to learn new skills, understand pain points and grow together as a company. Since I’m fresh out of university and felt that I lagged behind on the more practical side of anything related to IT, I got to live as a Sysadmin for two whole months.

How Technology Will Change Our Lives in the Next 5 Years

As an innovation manager, I am trying to keep pace with current tech trends and have come across a couple of exciting stories I want to share. After reading so many individual pieces of information, I am trying to see the bigger picture behind it all and what we’re aiming at. Some of these tech trends stand out, and I frequently see opinions that I think are misleading. Also, I think these changes are coming very slowly and will go almost unnoticed – we will understand how much they changed our lives only afterwards.

Is It Possible to Monitor OSI Model Layer 8?

You no doubt know the OSI model, and you probably work with it every day. If you're a sysadmin and don't know what I'm talking about, then... no, everyone knows what I am talking about! 😊

Why MQTT Is Everywhere, and the Security Issues It Faces

In a previous article, I detailed the history of MQTT and how it came to be one of the most commonly-used protocols when it comes to the Internet of Things. I ended that article by asking several questions: Why would someone choose MQTT over HTTP as a communication protocol? And why choose MQTT over enterprise messaging systems like AMQP? As I said then, to answer those questions, it helps to first understand how MQTT works. Then I’ll discuss some of the problems it has faced in recent times.

Chris Dancy at the Paessler HQ - Part 2/2

What the world knows about Chris Dancy: He is the most connected human on earth. What we know about him (because he visited us): He's a very stimulating, likeable guy, who knows about the power of the data we each produce every day. The days with Chris were inspiring and we created 2 videos to try encapsulate his ideas.

How to Monitor Meeting Rooms with PRTG

Did you just receive a last-minute request for a customer call and are now frantically looking for a free meeting room? Do you spontaneously need to schedule a meeting and can’t figure out were to go? Fret no longer, PRTG has got you covered!

Chris Dancy at the Paessler HQ - Part 1/2

What the world knows about Chris Dancy: He is the most connected human on earth. What we know about him (because he visited us): He's a very stimulating, likeable guy, who knows about the power of the data we all produce every day. The days with Chris were very inspiring and we created two videos to try encapsulate his ideas.